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Find out more about what’s happening with mental health, in Sheffield and beyond.

    • Date Posted: April 7, 2020

      4 minutes read

      Here at Sheffield Flourish we are slowly adjusting to a new way of working and living. It can feel overwhelming at points and we understand the fears, anxieties and frustrations that we are all experiencing. It is no surprise that service provision has changed right across the city, and indeed the country, as well as the creation of new services and support systems. We have provided you with a list that we hope will help you get the right support you need.

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    • Date Posted: March 17, 2020

      1 minute read

      We are keen to be able to do our bit as an organisation by suspending our face to face activities, following the latest government guidance. It’s sad we’ve had to make this decision as these activities are really important for us as a community, but we are going to start thinking creatively about how we can plug these gaps. Our phone line will still be operational during the usual hours, and we are also offering members of our community a scheduled check-in phonecall every week to hopefully reduce some of the isolation which people might be feeling.

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    • Date Posted: March 13, 2020

      2 minutes read

      There’s lots of coverage of Coronavirus (COVID-19) at the moment and it can lead to feelings of fear and isolation, particularly if you are already struggling with your mental health. There are steps you can take to help look after yourself during these worrying and confusing times.

      • Being aware of current advice on a regular basis is important, however following constant news reports can often feel too much, so it is useful to take breaks. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious hearing rumours, so focus on good quality information only.
      • It’s important to acknowledge your feelings and look after both your physical and mental health. You can do this through sticking to your daily routine, keeping in touch with friends and family and also checking in with people who are living alone.
      • If there is a chance of you having Coronavirus you may be asked to stay away from others. This may seem daunting if you have to self-isolate so it is important to stay connected via phone calls/social media/email/skype. Maintain your daily routine as much as possible and trying new relaxation techniques can help.
      • Public health agencies and experts in all countries are working on the outbreak to ensure the availability of the best care to those affected. To reduce the spread of Coronavirus it is important to wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds in warm water using soap.
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    • Date Posted: March 2, 2020

      3 minutes read

      We have a new website coming! It is linked to the Sheffield Mental Health Guide and it’s called “My Toolkit”.

      But what is it? And why?

      My Toolkit all started a few years ago with someone using the Sheffield Mental Health Guide and telling us that it’s great but it’s a shame you can’t save your favourite bits. This was a great idea. We didn’t have the resources to do anything about it but we ‘banked it’ for another day.

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